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the  s p a c e  behind

There is a space. It’s empty.
It’s where I hear the silence
and my closed eyes see.
There is a space. It’s empty.
It’s where all things come together
and nothing stays.
There is a space. It’s empty.
I’ll meet you there.

The s p a c e behind is about the inner space, which we do not see. It is about silence and waiting. It is about sensing the space and knowing exactly what to do. It is about an inner state which seems empty but is full of everything. It is about being and knowing. It is about solitude and serenity. It is about leaving all eagerness behind, all identifications of the mind, and diving into what is here and now. It is about this person, at this moment, in this space, doing exactly what she needs to do - nothing and everything.


This piece was created in a 6 month research process. It has a clear score, but the movements are mainly improvised. The improvisational aspect of this piece is important, because in this inner space, we do not know what happens next, so we need to sense and then act. It is about using the body to move beyond the identifications of the mind where emptiness starts. To feel and fill this emptiness, we need first to sit and wait.

Choreography: Rosalie Kubny

Performance: Aura Antikainen
Dramaturgy: Iria Arenas

Premiere: 31st January, 2020.

Halle 2. Kassel, Germany


Picture: Karl-Heinz Mierke

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